Scheckter's Original

Scheckter's Original

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12 x 250ml


Sparkling organic fruit juice with guarana. Each can of Scheckter's OrganicEnergy contains the perfect combination of organic and natural ingredients to provide a sustained energy deliverance Powered by Nature. The energy from the ingredients of this organic energy drink are released slowly over a longer period of time, creating a sustainable energy lift that avoids the short lift and sudden 'crash' of other energy drinks.

Scheckter's Organic Energy Drink contains: Organic ginkgo biloba for improved mental performance; Organic Brazilian guaraná for physical endurance; Organic ginseng for increased body resistance to stress; - Organic pomegranate & elderberry are rich in antioxidants; - Raw green coffee bean extract boosts fat metabolism;
No toxic chemicals or synthetic caffeine; No artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours; No preservatives.

High caffeine content (organic & naturally sourced) 34mg / 100ml.

Item code: SCHO

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