Pago Tomato Juice

Pago Tomato Juice

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12 x 200ml


100% pressed juice not from concentrate Pago Tomato is popular on its own for breakfast, as a low-calorie starter for lunch or as a relaxing aperitif. Pago creates this 100 % pure juice from fresh tomatos under controlled cultivation. The lightly salted 100% juice made from sun-ripened tomatoes is in line with trends towards healthy nutrition. It tastes fruity yet piquant at the same time. Tomatoes play a valuable role in a healthy diet as they are rich in minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients that have been found to give significant protection against free radicals in recent research.

Nutritional information (per 100ml);Energy 71,7kJ/17,1kcal, Protein 0,87g, Carbohydrate 3,0g,, Fat 0,1g

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