Vanish Powerfoam Carpet Cleaner -  600ml

Vanish Powerfoam Carpet Cleaner - 600ml

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Vanish Carpet Stain Remover - 600ml


Vanish Powerfoam High Traffic cleaner is a powerful and hygienic way to keep your carpets looking clean and smelling fresh. When your carpet is in constant use it can start to look tired and dull over time, especially in areas such as doorways, halls and staircases where your family comes and goes the most. Specifically designed to combat stubborn carpet stains and persistent dirt build up, Vanish Powerfoam penetrates deep into the carpet fibres, removing 5 times more dirt compared to vacuuming alone. It even neutralises odours and leaves your home with a clean and pleasant pure air scent.

From removing fresh muddy footprints and soil stains, to dried on deep-down dirt, Vanish Powerfoam couldn't be simpler to use: just shake the aerosol well and spray 80cm from the area that needs treating. Work the foam into the carpet using a damp colourfast sponge-mop or cloth and leave for approximately 2 hours - or until dry - before vacuuming away. Elbow grease - saved.

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