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The Berry Company

Naturally, berries are a great source of antioxidants. Much of the antioxidant strength comes from the anthocyanin pigments that tint berries red, black, blue and purple; so the darker the berry, the better! Antioxidants have proven to be the protective shield that counteracts the negative effects of free radical damage on the human body. They are molecules which can co-exist with free radicals and prevent their chain reaction and help minimise the risk of oxidative damage.


Work in laboratories all over the world has produced insights into the rewarding effects of antioxidants and their ability to protect the body, maintain well-being and preserve heart health. Whether they’re blue, black, red, pink, orange or purple, from North America, Eastern Europe, South America, or the Far East, The Berry Company juice blends will deliver on taste and quality All The Berry Company drinks are: Gluten Free - No Artificial Colourings -No Artificial Additives -No Artificial Sweeteners -No Artificial Preservatives -No GMO's -Dairy Free

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