The Berry Company White Tea and Peach 1ltr

The Berry Company White Tea and Peach 1ltr

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12 x 1ltr cartons


White tea is fast becoming one of nature's hottest food trends. Reading up on it will help you discover how something that tastes so good can actually also make you feel so good! Originating in the Fujian province of China, this super tonic has now been blended with peach. The result is an exotic, thirst-quenching, totally unique and super healthy fusion to really get you hooked! Get Peachy - Native to China, the peach has over 700 varieties. Some even resemble flat hockey pucks! Bursting with juicy flavour and great taste, the peach is also heralded for its high nutrient and antioxidant potency. The ancient Chinese considered it a symbol for longevity and we bet you didn't know that the expression "You're a real peach!" originated from the tradition of giving peaches to your loved friends.

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