Saka Still Water Sports Cap 12 x 500ml

Saka Still Water Sports Cap 12 x 500ml

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Recyclable Plastic Bottles


Saka Water comes from the springs in Hendek, Sakarya, located in the pristine Koroglu Mountain. It is the biggest source of natural water in the Marmara Region. It is far from settlement areas, and is protected against various polluters with the facilities built at the outlet, trapping the water in bottles and bringing them to you to enjoy everyday with confidence in purity, smooth taste, mineral content, source and pH.  With a unique smooth taste due to its balanced, 8.2 pH alkaline composition, packed with essential minerals and naturally low in sodium, each bottle of Saka is untouched from source to bottle Packaged in 100% recyclable bottles - easy in the hand, gentle on the environment   Saka is ideal for helping to maintain an active lifestyle and general wellbeing.


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