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Your favourite biscuits and cookies mini packs delivered in London Mini packs of biscuits are ideal for occasions where a little biscuit is welcome, but a plate is excessive! Stock up with 'stay fresh' wrapped biscuits for your office meetings, brain storming sessions, or just to sweeten that budget discussion with the finance dept!


Great British Biscuits Our individually wrapped top brand selection includes shortbread biscuits from Scotland's premiere producer, Walkers, in their distinctive tartan wrapping, or Cadbury's Snack shortcakes. For a genuine taste of Scotland, we also stock twin packs of delicious Border Scottish biscuits, ideal for conferences, hotel hospitality trays or unexpected guests! In a 2011 poll conducted by Sainsbury's, the great British public voted for their favourite biscuits, which were:


1. digestives 2. cookies* 3. jam rings 4. chocolate fingers 5. rich tea biscuits



The top spot certainly doesn't surprise us; our customers love digestive biscuits, and to our mind, nobody makes digestives like McVities. Our McVities everyday selection contains 5 assorted packets of McVities biscuits baked to perfection and wrapped for freshness. And, of course, no biscuit tin or office kitchen biscuit store would be complete without Jaffa Cakes, so we offer a longer-lasting box of 24 individually wrapped portions of three cakes.


The panda loves them, and so do we; Fox's biscuits make one of the best assorted biscuit selection boxes available, and we can deliver this 2kg box of teatime temptations direct to your door in most London postscodes. Speciality Biscuits Jules Destrooper makes utterly superb biscuits, and our selection box is sure to be a vote winner at your next board meeting or family gathering.


Those who prefer a dainty continental style nibble with coffee will enjoy the Biscotto wafer sticks, stored in an airtight tin. And any American clients or guests will be unable to resist our three packs of Oreo cookies; just don't ask them to demonstrate the dunk, twist and lick if the boss is watching! * See our main biscuit page for a selection of packet cookies just waiting to be delivered and devoured...

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