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Belu is 100% carbon neutral, not for profit and gives all of its profits to its charity partner, WaterAid. Every drop of its beautiful water is British (Powys, Wales), and its sources are selected for their natural purity and clean and crisp taste. As a proudly British brand, they are firm in the stance that they will never knowingly export their products.  The water is bottled in three sources that support rural unemployment - its lightweight, clear glass is sourced from Montgomeryshire in Wales and its water packaged in plastic bottles that come from Cambridgeshire. Belu has been working exclusively with its charity partner WaterAid since 2011. The company says: ‘With matching organisational ethics, their global reach and ambition means we can make a real difference with the funds we give being invested in the most sustainable way. WaterAid manages the money given to the charity through an unrestricted fund, ensuring it is spent where the need is greatest’. Belu pledges to give WaterAid £1m by 2020, and the company has a minimum commitment of £100,000 a year.

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