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Spa Mineral Water. SPA Reine from Belgium's Ardennes Mountains has been on the short list of the world's elite water since 1583. Spa is the capital of the Fagnes, and has had the nickname "The Pearl of the Ardennes." Spa's rich history echoes the footsteps of Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Tsar Peter the Great, Pauline Bonaparte, violinist Henri Vieuxtemps, and the composer Gounod, all of whom consumed, and bathed, in Spa water. The land around the spring has been protected from pollution for centuries, and SPA Monpole, owner since 1921, has had the 3.4 hectares covering the area of effluence and production legally protected since 1937. Spa Reine is incredibly pure at 33 TDS, with a scant 1.9 milligrams per liter of Nitrate, but a modicum of Silica that contributes to the openness of Spa's mouth-feel, and pleasantly alters the taste of a 6.0 pH water

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